The ALX Launchpad unlocks the potential and empowers high-potential graduates and career-starters by setting you up with the skills and tool-set to launch your career. The Launchpad provides you with 6 keys to success: by helping you unlock jobs of the future, inviting you to join our movement, giving you the “AL Stamp”, breaking the “no experience no job” cycle, focusing on holistic character building, and empowering you to own your career. We also provide a 7th bonus key - access to innovative financing.


Through 14 combined years of experience at the AL Group - we’ve understood the importance of owning your career experience. ALX’s intentionally designed careers program empowers you to take ownership of your career. Throughout the 6 month intensive program, you’ll get to focus on building your network, practising your skills and mindsets, and launching your career.

Powerful Network

You’ll be exposed to a powerful network of potential employers, leaders and mentors through inspiring interactions.

Relevant Skills

You’ll gain the skills that will make you stand out from the crowd at both a local and global scale.

Strong Character

You’ll develop the values, habits, and character needed it takes to successfully launch your career.

Career Events

You’ll have the opportunity to meet and engage with Africa’s top leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs and change-makers through our network .


Our Careers Program provides multiple opportunities for interaction with top global and local organisations.


In-Person Career Events

You’ll get opportunities for face-to-face interaction through our Industry Seminars, Speaker Series, Roundtable Discussions, Information Sessions and Coffee chats.


Online Career Portal Access

You’ll be able to access our custom online portal to own your career journey: build your online profile and apply to jobs with top organisations in the ALX network.


Career Fairs

You’ll attend the ALX Career Fair where a wide range of global and local organisations will be recruiting for internships, full-time roles or externships.


The ALX career experience is fourfold. It starts with building a fundamental character that will make you stand out, then progresses to gaining the skills that employers want for the future, it includes exposure to a wide variety of workplace experiences to build an understand, and culminates in a network like no other that provides you with incredible opportunities


To build character you need to understand who you are and what drives you as a person. Discover your values, strengths weaknesses, and interests.


Continue to work on your foundation as you build your professional profile and gain the skills to market your value and achievements.


Leverage your skills to gain exposure and grow your network. Get noticed and build support systems to propel you toward your goals.


Actively build your network and apply for internships and jobs. Learn to manage your networks strategically to advance your career.

Own Your Career: Unlock Your Future