How can the Launchpad help me get a job?
Over the past 14 years of building the African Leadership Academy and the African Leadership University, we’ve spoken with hundreds of employers about what they look for. The ALX Launchpad is designed to bridge the gap between the knowledge gained at university and the specific skills and mindsets needed. These include skills like critical thinking, project management, data-driven decision making or effective communication. By developing these skills, together with portfolio of work on real-life projects, you’ll stand out to employers and be able to have an immediate impact once hired. Throughout the programme, you will also work directly with managers from top companies; this will help you build relationships with employers, entrepreneurs and mentors who are looking for young talent just like you.
How does the Launchpad empower me to become an entrepreneur?
The ALX Launchpad will prepare you to launch your own venture based on the skills and connections we’ve built into the programme. You’ll learn to manage both people and projects as well as how to effectively present your ideas and plans to potential funders and mentors. You’ll get feedback from peers, facilitators and our company partners. During our projects and networking events, you will also have a chance to meet entrepreneurs to support you on your journey, by potentially becoming mentors as well as future investors.
What happens after the six-month period?
After the six-month intensive Launchpad program you will be empowered to start into an internship, full-time job or your own venture using the connections and skills you’ve built. Our careers team will assist in connecting you to opportunities through our partners portal. You’ll also remain a member of the unique ALX community with access to our powerful network, career support and opportunities as well as lifelong learning events.
What do you mean by “no up-front cost”?
We believe that talent is equally distributed in this world, but opportunity is not. We want to change this and enable the highest-potential young people to launch their careers regardless of their ability to pay for this type of development opportunity. Before and during the programme, you pay nothing. Once you are earning a salary, you enter into a five-year agreement where you pay a portion of your income to help give other talented young people the same opportunity. By giving you a Contribution Agreement, we’re betting on you, and giving you access to your future earnings today. You only pay once you are earning, so your success is our success!
Why did you create the Launchpad?
We believe Africa’s greatest resource is its people. The clock is ticking toward the day when Africa has the world's largest workforce of 1.1 billion - we have less than 6000 days. Today, between 1,000 and 2,000 applicants compete for a job in Kenya and this number is expected to grow. Where some see a threat, we see the opportunity to unlock the massive potential of Africa's youth. We want to empower as many young leaders as possible with the skills to not only get good jobs but also to innovate and create new opportunities for others.
Who are the Company Partners?
We have partnered with prestigious global firms, Fortune 500 companies, and local progressive organizations that are shaping the landscapes of their respective industries. Having spent 14 years developing Africa’s top talent, the African Leadership Group has built trusted relationships with organisations across both the private and public sectors. As our talent partners, these companies are committed to the professional success of our young leaders. They have provided employment opportunities to our high-potential young leaders in the form of externships, internships, full-time jobs, and entrepreneur-in-residence positions.
Who should apply to the Launchpad?
You should apply if you are: - A recent grad who wants to accelerate your career and change your life trajectory - A passionate, curious problem-solver looking to tackle the biggest challenges in your community, country and continent - Excited to grow as a person and professional while developing a network of mentors, employers and leaders
What are the criteria for application?
- Be a recent university graduate or in your final year before graduation - Be able to join this transformational and intensive program for 6 months full time in Nairobi (we do not cover any housing or transportation, nor can we provide Kenyan visa assistance)
What are the skills that I will gain from the ALX Launchpad and why are they relevant?
1. Effective Communication Engage with people across all levels of an organisation by: understanding your audience, writing effectively, knowing your voice, telling powerful stories and presenting concisely. 2. Data-Based Decision Making Make informed, data-based decisions by: contextualizing data, modelling and visualising the real world, providing empirical analyses, and using quantitative problem-solving. 3. Planning & Execution Manage complex tasks by: defining the problem, allocating appropriate resources, and planning and coordinating with team members. 4. Innovation & Entrepreneurship Connect to the big picture by: identifying opportunities, creating sustainable solutions, and continuously iterating. 5. Self Leadership Become your best self by: being self aware, gaining learning agility, constantly seeking to improve, and learning to regulate yourself. 6. People Leadership Bring out the best in others through: empathy, managing relationships, providing constructive feedback, and managing up, down, and sideways. 7. Systems Leadership Work across organisations by: developing contextual awareness, leading change management, and facilitating cross-system collaboration. 8. Critical Thinking Lead effectively by: researching, analysing, synthesizing, and having sound judgment and associational thinking.
What does a typical day in the Launchpad look like?
Life in the Launchpad is intensive. During the program, you’ll work on problems and projects independently, as part of a team of peers, and in workshops with a larger peer group and mentors. You might spend the morning working on an entrepreneurial idea with a team of other high-potential recent graduates and building a financial model for the project. After that, you might collaborate with your project team on your market expansion strategy for a top Kenyan company before presenting to their senior management. Come evening, you can look forward to mingling with the likes of top CEOs, mentors and entrepreneurs during our ALX Connect events or choose to attend one of our many workshops on topics ranging from Human Centered Design to raising capital for a startup. Because you work on real-world projects for our company partners, you’ll get feedback from your peers, mentors and managers within those organizations. This gives you many opportunities throughout the day to build strong connections and to land your first job or internship with those companies.

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