Financing any education experience is stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. To align with our mission of developing 3 million ethical and entrepreneurial leaders, we have worked hard to keep the Launchpad Program accessible by removing financial barriers to access. Choose the option that’s right for you.


Choose the finance option that’s right for you. Either our $0 Upfront Costs Contribution Agreement or the $2000 Upfront option.

Unlock Your Potential with the ALX Launchpad: Your Key to Success


What if I am Unemployed?
If you are unemployed at any point during the 5 year Contribution Agreement period, you will only pay $1 monthly. This means that if you spent all 5 years unemployed, you would only pay $60 over that period. Of course, we hope that would not happen for your sake, and believe it would not given that we believe in the success of the Launchpad Program. The Contribution Agreement aligns our success to yours. If you do not succeed, we share in that risk.
What if I make a lot of money? Will I end up contributing more than some of my peers?
If you make a lot of money, you will end up contributing more than some of your peers and possibly more than the $2,000 that others may pay upfront. However, contributions are always capped at a maximum of $10,000. We believe ALX Launchpad will give you access to critical skills and training as well as a network of potential employers, mentors, leaders and high-caliber peers, all of which enhance your career potential. If you succeed, we capture a little of that upside but you get most of it. The Contribution Agreement is all about enabling you to access your future earning potential, and giving you a mechanism to give back to the community and support future young leaders. By going through the Launchpad Program, you increase your chances of success, and increase your capability to contribute to the future of Africa.
Do I have to take the Contribution Agreement option?
You are under NO obligation to take the Contribution Agreement option. Please assess all your financing options, including family, personal and corporate sponsors, and loans and decide what works best for you. The CA is a way to remove financial barriers, and a way to give back to the ALX community, but it is also a serious financial commitment, so please ONLY take it if you intend to abide by payment conditions.
How can I pay my Contribution once completing the ALX Launchpad?
There are multiple ways of making your monthly contribution. You can pay via bank transfer, MPESA or also ask your employer to deduct it from your salary directly. Upon signing the CA, participants will be required to sign 3 consent letters to potential future employers and their banks, agreeing that contributions can be deducted if necessary.
Will you make my contribution history public and what happens if I don’t pay?
We reserve the right to share your contribution history with potential stakeholders such as employers or credit bureaus (participants will be required to sign a consent). If you are paying back with high reliability, then this will have a positive effect for you: it will help you build your credit history, potentially lead to favourable interest rates on loans in the future and strengthen your reputation in the African Leadership Network and ALX Community – which includes some of Africa’s top companies, leaders and entrepreneurs. Similarly, a negative payment history reporting will adversely impact future ability to get loans as well as your reputation in the broader African Leadership Network and ALX Community. We would prefer not to take such measures, and we would only do this if a participant deliberately refuses to pay despite being employed. Only sign the Contribution Agreement if you are ready, willing and able to abide by its terms.
Is the Contribution Agreement a loan?
No, the Contribution Agreement is not a loan. There is no fixed principal amount that is being borrowed and paid back. The Contribution Agreement is a mechanism that is more similar to the way that investors buy shares or equity in startup companies - giving them capital to get started, and then sharing in the profits once they are up and running. A Contribution Agreement gives you access to the Launchpad Program at zero upfront cost, in essence it is an agreement that allows you to bet on yourself and gain access to your future earning potential. Once you have graduated you then pay a fixed percentage for a fixed period of time. Unlike a loan this is not linked to a monetary amount, but rather it is linked to a percentage of how much you earn, and therefore how much you can afford to pay. The Contribution Agreement gives you access to a program you might not otherwise be able to afford, and provides a mechanism for you to pay it forward once you can afford it, providing future young leaders with the same access you benefited from.