One of ALX’s two signature programs, the Launchpad is a 6 month intensive program for high-potential graduates or young career-starting leaders. The program unlocks potential and launches careers, by developing 21st century skills and mindsets in our young leaders, and supporting them with an impactful network. During the program, young leaders gain real world experience, build a holistic character, and take ownership of their own career.
The course is organised around 8 core skills for the future, which are imparted through 4 tracks or courses. Each of the 4 tracks is facilitated using our unique Learning Model.



Within the AL Group, we have identified 8 core meta-skills for the future of work. These skills unlock the jobs of tomorrow and help future-proof our young leaders. They create entrepreneurial leaders that are not just hireable - they’re desirable to employers.


During the 6 month intensive Launchpad program, you will develop the above skills and continue to build your networks through four tracks of foundational courses, together with community events and rhythmical leadership practices.


Data & Decisions

Learn how to understand data and its implications in the real world.


Communicating for Impact

Develop the necessary skills to communicate effectively in a professional setting.



Engage in real life case studies working with organisations on actual issues.


Entrepreneurial Leadership

Discover the soft skills needed to be a great leader, and practice them by starting a venture.


Our unique and innovative model puts you at the centre of your growth journey. You will drive your experience individually, with your peers and coaches. Bringing together global best practices in a unique and innovative model, our four part cycle incorporates the need to discover your own growth areas, self-paced learning, teamwork and facilitated coaching. Coupled with powerful real-world application you will engage with companies and solve their challenges.
The Launchpad will transform your trajectory, and unlock your potential.


Realise your growth areas.

Part of living a purpose-driven life is knowing what is needed to achieve your mission. Through a series of engaging and relevant, real-world experiences, the Launchpad gives you an opportunity to discover important gaps in your skill-set that you will then work towards developing.


Develop at your own pace and in your own way.

In order for you to be most effective at mastering concepts, we have created an environment where you take ownership of your development. Using our innovative online platforms, you will work through content and projects at your own time and pace.

Team Projects

Working on projects with others who have grasped concepts is one of the most powerful ways of growing yourself.

Applying new skills to the real world empowers you to master them.
Teamwork with others helps the better you understand things yourself, but also learn from others who have a better grasp on concepts and can coach you.

Facilitated Workshops

Apply and extend your skills to other contexts and wider problems.

Put your newly built skills into practice by applying them in the real-world context and into the bigger picture. With a Leadership Facilitator guiding you, you will engage in lively discussions about how to make your experience relevant in the real world - how proposed solutions can solve global problems or help you achieve your mission.

Unlock Your Potential with the ALX Launchpad: Your Key to Success